BSA has been manufacturing for a very long time, believe it or not they can actually trace their beginnings as back as 1689, but they haven’t always been known as BSA Airguns.

BSA Air Rifles

In 1861 they made the decision to form a public company and they were became very successful. At their height they controlled 67 factories and employed 28,000 people. During the war the BSA factories produced over half of the munitions used in the 1st world war. 

BSA Air Rifles

BSA Air Rifle History

To be precise they produced one and a quarter million service rifles; 400,000 Sten guns; machine guns, cannon, anti-tank rifles, and gun carriages, ten million shell fuses,over three and a half million magazines, and 750,000 anti-aircraft rockets. 

To say they have a rich heritage would be understating things!

This is all interesting, but I know you want to hear about what’s happening today. Let’s take a look at what’s going on with BSA Air Rifles right now.


BSA Airguns

BSA Air Rifles

BSA produce a wide range of Airguns, if you want a gun for plinking or shooting targets there’s enough on offer for you and if you’re looking for a hunting rifle, they can easily satisfy your needs.

As well as PCP’s (Pre Charged Pneumatics) they also have a select of Springers (Spring Powered Rifles) and a decent range of BSA accessories.

BSA Air Rifle Spring

BSA Springers

BSA Airguns

The future is even more exciting and enticing. Using the most modern technologies available in Design and Development at their headquarters, in Birmingham, England, coupled with a unique mix of craftsmanship and precision manufacturing, BSA truly are at the cutting edge of Air Rifle Design and Manufacture.

In you’re interested in how a modern Air Rifle is constructed and you understand the importance of the using the best technology possible in the construction of Airguns, then you’ll love this high quality production video BSA have made about the Air Rifle production process. It’s a very detailed video showcasing why BSA are world renowned for quality.

BSA Air Rifles UK

BSA Air Rifle Support

BSA has a solid website setup to help support customers, there’s a lot of info available on the website and if you can’t find what you’re looking for there’s an online support page also. You can use this to contact BSA and they will reply within 3 working days. 

A contact number is not available on the website for BSA but there is a contact number for spares should you find you need something urgently. 

Other services and information available includes: 

  • Spares support 
  • Comprehensive safe firearms safety advice
  • Training Courses
  • Product Manuals to Download
  • Servicing Support
  • Technical information for all types of BSA Air Rifles
  • There is a BSA Youtube channel, but this hasn’t been update for a very long time and is quite a way off where the other airgun manufactures are nowadays, an update or refresh would be good to see here

BSA Air Rifle Warranty

BSA Airgun Warranty

BSA Airgun Dealers

Dealer available is better than most but less than others. Overall you won’t have to travel too far, which is good if you want to see a rifle in the flesh before you actually part with your hard earned cash.

BSA Gun Dealers

BSA Airgun Performance

BSA Airguns are not necessarily the go to gun for competition shooters so they don’t have the impressive track record that Daystate and FX Airguns have built up in Extreme Benchrest or that Air Arms have in Field Target competition shooting but there are plenty of reviews and customer youtube videos showing the accuracy of BSA air guns. 

There are multiple videos showing 8mm groups at 25 yards and 10mm groups at 35 yards. Easily good enough to put these rifles up there with the best in the industry for accuracy. Shot strings vary from rifle to rifle but the BSA R10 Mk2 R has shown impressive shot strings, with a range of only 7fps, which is impressive.

BSA Airgun Accuracy

BSA Guns – Contact Info

BSA Guns (UK) Limited
Armoury Road
Small Heath
B11 2PP