Crosman Corporation is an American designer, airgun manufacturer with a long-standing presence in airgun design and a tradition of producing pellet and BB guns. The Crosman catalog shows the huge range of products they produce.

In 1992 Crosman successfully purchase Benjamin airguns, they have maintain this brand and use it or their adult hunting and high performance line of Air Rifles.

benjamin air rifles

Crosman Product Range

Crosman produces a large range of Airguns and airgun related products. Air Rifles available these include the following power plants. Spring powered, CO2, PCP (Pre Charged Pneumatic), and gas ram airguns. No matter what your shooting needs Crosman cater for you, this includes, target shooting, pest control, varmint shooting, small game shooting, competition shooting and because they are american based they also have airguns for hunting predators too. 

And if you’re looking for the right air rifle for a junior they have that covered as well. 

Airguns for Juniors

Crosman Support

The Crosman website is modern and up to date with a good range of information available about their Airguns and other products they manufacture.  

Other useful resources include:

  • Airgun download manuals
  • Crosman youtube channel
  • FAQ’s database covering the top 30 questions. A good practice to save a lot of everyone’s times and get you an answer to your question quickly

The Crosman customer support team is named on their website, that has to speak volumes about the level of service they provide. This sort of transparency is admirable.

Crosman Dealer Availablility

Crosman are not overly popular in the UK, but they are readily available from most airgun dealers in the UK.

Their range of airguns all sit under the £500 price point, this would make a good introduction rifle to airgun shooting.

Crosman Warranty

Crosman Warranty is industry leading with their warranty. They moved from a previous 1 year warranty and gone on to extend this to a very respectable 5 year warranty on all Benjamin and Brocock break barrel and PCP airguns.

Crosman claims that this is America’s best warranty for airguns.

The new warranty covers repairs or replacement of products as a result of defects in materials or workmanship. In the unlikely event of a warranty repair being requires, the customer bears the cost of shipping the gun back to Crosman. However, Crosman pays for return shipping and the repair of Crosman products will be at no cost for 5 years from date of purchase.

The company says that this new Crosman 5 Year Warranty is unmatched in the industry and redefines what consumers should expect from airgun performance and durability. The Crosman 5 Year Warranty is also the longest in the industry and is possible because of Crosman’s commitment to the highest quality standards, they say.

“We have always stood behind our products, said Jennifer Lambert, VP Marketing and Product Development for Crosman. “Offering a five-year warranty on our legendary Crosman and Benjamin break barrel and pre-charged pneumatic air guns showcases our belief in the inherent quality of our product.”

Crosman 5 Year Warranty

Crosman Contact Details

Crosman Europe ApS
Skelstedet 2A, 1. sal
2950 Vedbaek, Denmark

+1 585 657-6161