Daystate are a British Air Rifle manufacturer with a mouth watering range of PCP (Precharged Pneumatic) air rifles.

Daystates Air Rifles come with the latest and most up to date technology available in airguns today. Their electronic range of airguns boast the title of the “Most advanced air rifles in the world!”


Over the years Daystate have built up partnerships with other successful companies in the air gun industry and have been able to use these partnerships to collaborate on projects to further enhance their air rifle range. Partnerships such as with Huggett Moderators and Huma-Air regulators, who are both at the top of their game in what they do.

Daystate boast good support for customers and this is reflected by the warranty they offer, every rifle carries a 3 year warranty. There is also a very good level of support available on their website, this includes:

  • Servicing Support
  • Technical information about the technology in the Daystate Air Rifles
  • Technical support inc a range of useful videos from the Daystate Youtube channel.
  • Daystate Airgun Database (for checking when your airgun was manufactured, pellet used, fill pressure and other useful info
  • The Daystate Owners Club – Setup by Daystate to support Daystate owners
  • Lastly – Each of their Air Rifles has a handbook guide available to download


Daystate Warranty

We sent a test email to Daystates customer service, they replied a few days later and the reply was polite and helpful. This is acceptable to us and for more urgent inquires there is a contact number available for you to call. (which isn’t available for all air rifle manufacturers nowadays) 

Dealer availability is good in the UK with all but the most extreme locations within an hour or less drive to your local Daystate Dealer.

Daystate Dealers UK


In terms of performance, most air rifles manufacturers are very accurate nowadays but if you want world class performance then there are a few air rifles that have an edge over others and Daystate and a couple of other airgun manufacturers tend to outperform the rest.

These are the results of the ‘Pro Class’ of the Extreme Benchrest competition 2018


Obviously, you can’t judge the performance of an air rifle based solely on how many pro’s shoot the air rifle. However, this is important information that you can factor into your decision of which air rifle to invest in.

Key Takeaway: In terms of top performing air guns, FX airguns and Daystate are really ruling the roost at the moment. That being said its an exciting time in the airgun industry and there are lots of developments in the pipeline so that could change pretty quickly, but at the moment Daystate command over a third of the line up at world class level air gun shooting at 12 out of 30 spots they clearly know how to build super accurate air rifles!


Daystate is a high end Air Rifle manufacturer with a deep heritage in the airgun industry. 

If you’re looking for a high quality airgun for hunting or competition shooting then Daystate should be in your short list.

Alternatives to Daystate then the FX Air Guns range would be your next stop.

Daystate pioneered the PCP air rifle and they’ve just celebrated 40 years at the top of their game and there’s lots of research going on right now that is no doubt going to lead to more developments in the future.

It’s a very exciting time to be an airgun owner right now 🙂 

Daystate Product Range

Daystate has a wide range of air rifles in both mechanical and electronic versions.

As well as their standard range of air rifles, they are also well known for their limited edition releases. These are pricey and although beauty in subjective, almost everyone in the air gun community would agree Daystate make some gorgeous air guns.

If you’ve got some money burning a hole in your pocket and you want to treat yourself it’s well worth keeping an eye out for Daystates limited edition releases.

For example the Daystate Serie Rosso:

The Serie Rosso had 200 units produced, 100 for the UK and 100 for the international market. So when you buy one of these limited edition guns they really are rare.

Daystate Contact Information

ST21 6JL

TEL: 01785 859122

+44 1785 859122

FAX: +44 1785 850377