Daystate Redwolf Review

The Daystate Red Wolf has been a huge success for Daystate, it has been the customers choice when it comes to what gun to pick off the shelf and in terms of performance it has been clearing up on the pro competition seen too.

The Redwolf is available in 4 different stock options, surprisingly the Red Laminate has been the best selling by 90% to 10% in a recent video with Tony Belas.

The stocks come in the understated Walnut, the Daysate Safari is also low key with its grey textured finished, this is an unusual material it looks and feels incredibly well suited for the rough knocks you can’t help in the field.

If you’re looking for something more flash then the Red Laminate will be more to your liking, the Blue Laminate stock of the Red Wolf Midnight is more subtle but just as striking. 

Daystate Red Wolf Stock Options

Daystate Red Wolf Accuracy

At world class air rifle shooting the Daystate Red Wolf accounts for over a third of the top scores in the world, which is very impressive.

Shot String

When you’re paying nearly £2k for an air rifle you’d expect it to be regulated for consistency, but the Red Wolf is not regulated…

The Daystate Red Wolf is however, digitally regulated for a super consistent high shot-count. The electronically driven models feature Mapped Compensation Technology (MCT). 

A digital microprocessor and solenoid-powered air valve monitor control every nanosecond of the firing cycle ensure unrivalled shot-to-shot consistency, increased shots per charge and reduced action movement. 

The sensor is always measuring the pressure in the cylinder, so it releases the exact amount of air every single time.

This technology also allows for easy changes in power settings. Useful for different environments and applications.

MCT - Daystate Electronic MCT

This electronic system delivers incredible consistency. In all air rifle reviews the spread between shots is very tight.

No matter who reviews this air rifle, the numbers are pretty much always the same. Check out these 3 reviews, all have shot strings under 10fps!


Daystate Air Rifle Review
Daystate Red Wolf Review
Daystate Air Rifle Review
Daystate Red Wolf Review
Airgun Gear Show
Daystate Red Wolf Shot String

As well as the 4 different stocks available, the Daystate Red Wolf is available in an aluminum cylinder at either 400 or 500cc or the 480cc carbon fibre bottle, known as the HiLite. 

The HiLite is available standard and Hi Power the hi power is fitted with a 23 inch barrel, the standard with a 17 inch inch barrel. Both boasting a fully-floating Lothar Walther barrel.

Regardless of which variation you choose the shot count is impressive thanks the electronic brain of the gun, it is incredibly efficient with air.

Daystate Redwolf Specifications

Daystate Red Wolf – Key Features


A single shot tray is supplied which is useful for paper punching on the range, for hunting and day to day use most will use the revamped 10 shot magazine. 

This is a proven system, the result of years of improvements, this model cannot double index and can be switched from left hand to right hand by quickly swapping over the stopping pin.



The magazine is raised from the block of the rifle, you’ll need to bear this in mind when selecting scope mounts.


Daystate Red Wolf - Magazine


The trigger is electronic and its marmite you’ll either love it or you’ll hate it. I’ve owned a lot of different rifles and I am a big fan of the electronic trigger. 

They are highly adjustable, if you haven’t experienced firing an electronic trigger before they are comparable to a mouse click.

In fact this system is so efficient compared to even the best mechanical triggers out there that it has got the lock time nearly 50% faster. This might be measured in milliseconds but in the real world that translates to higher scores in competitions and more kills in the field. 

A rifle with a faster lock time is easier to shoot because the pellet leaves the barrel so much sooner, the chance of you moving affecting the shot reduces significantly.


The trigger blade can be adjusted up, down and to the angle you want it. Because the trigger is a switch there is no load on the trigger meaning you can (if you want) set it incredibly light, without losing the break between 1st and 2nd stage. For competition shooting this is useful, for hunting in the field you’ll want a more sensible setting.

Daystate Redwolf Trigger

The trigger is well thought out, all adjustments can be easily made with the correct size allen keys without removing the action from the stock.

Safety Catch

The safety catch is easy to access at the back of the breech. It is operated from left to right, slide it to the right and you are ready to shoot. 

Due to its location it is easy to use left handed or right handed. A safety feature or perhaps a battery saving feature has been report as a frustration in the field. After a few minutes the Red Wolf powers itself down, this means that when you are ready to shoot you have flip the catch off and then back on again or operate the side lever to tell the rifle you’re ready to shoot. Manageable but not ideal and currently cannot be changed.

Daystate Red Wolf Safety Catch


An adjustable cheek piece is fitted as standard on all the Red Wolf stocks, it is quick and simple to adjust, enabling you to get the perfect head position.

RedWolf Adjustable Cheek Piece

An adjustable butt pad is fitted as standard, allowing further tweaking to get just the right setup for the best accuracy and most comfortable shooting. 

Daystate Red Wolf Butt Pad


The battery has had a few complaints. It is an improvement on the Daystate Pulsar in that it is lighter weight but seems like a step backwards from the previous electronic model the Daystate MK4 in that the battery needs to be removed on the Red Wolf to be charged. 

This feature has been the cause of some frustration, although you get thousands of shots between charges the battery is fiddly to remove.

The new Daystate Delta Wolf appears to have moved away from this set up in that you plug directly into the gun to charge it so could be lesson learned here?

Daystate Red Wolf Battery

Shroud and Silencer

The Red Wolf comes standard with a fully shrouded carbon fibre barrel. 

This is already a very quite rifle, but if you want as close as possible to silence then a moderator can be added. 

The carbon fibre is made of the best quality materials it is not wrapped it is a proper carbon fibre mesh, lightweight and very strong.


Daystate Red Wolf Shroud and Silencer


The following accessories are readily available for the Daysate Red Wolf

Daystate Red Wolf Accessories

Pro’s and Con’s


  • Huge shot count
  • Super consistent shot string (under 10fps)
  • World class accuracy
  • Great customer service from Daystate (Red Wolf Handbook)
  • 3 year warranty
  • Readily available custom accessories
  • Quality magazine that cannot double index
  • Adjustable power settings
  • Electronic trigger (better lock time)
  • Tons of safety features
  • Great adjustability as standard


  • Price is right at the top end in the industry
  • Battery is fiddly to charge
  • Auto power down is frustrating in the field


The fit and finish on this top end air gun is on par with its performance in accuracy. At nearly £2k, this isn’t a rifle for everyone, but if you’re looking for the an air rifle in the pinnacle of the air gun industry then this is a fantastic option. 

There are a few con’s with this rifle but they are more little annoyances than deal breakers and the advantages you get with the electronic system far outweigh the negatives. Daystate market this rifle as the most advanced air gun in the world, if you want to make a statement coupled with eye watering precision and you have the cash to spare then this could be the rifle for you.

Daystate Red Wolf Video Reviews

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