FX Airguns are a Swedish Airgun manufacturer that’s been making Airguns since 1999.

FX have been leading the way in the Airgun industry in some key areas. Predominantly known for their revolutionary and extremely successful Smooth Twist X interchangeable barrel system. This system has changed the way people use their Airguns, allowing for changes in barrel twist rates and calibers while using the same Air Rifle. 

By using new technology they have taken the lead in the latest Slug shooting that’s been sweeping the Airgun scene international with high powered Airguns. 

FX Airguns

FX Airguns are extremely popular internationally, especially as high power airguns. Recent successes include the FX Impact, FX Wildcat and FX Dreamline. Although readily available in the UK in Sub 12ft/lb these guns are not popular as other manufacturers. 

This could be due to the price point being higher than most Airguns or the attraction of the adjustability of these guns aren’t available in the UK where most Airgun are generally sub 12ft/lb airguns. 

FX Airguns Customer Support

There is a good level of support available on the FX Airguns website, this includes:


  • Technical support (Although FX state that Dealers and importers are obliged to take care of service and support)
  • Video tutorials 
  • FX Youtube Channel
  • Every FX product has a downloadable manual
FX provide an email contact but no phone number is available, there is a different feel to some of the more local manufacturers and a distance between FX as a manufacturer and the end customer. Dealers and importers fill the gap in here.  

FX Airguns Dealer/Importer UK

FX Airguns Warranty

FX recently brought their warranty in line with other Airgun manufacturers and have now extended this to a healthy 3 years. The extra step of backdating this to all Airguns sold after 2017 was also taken during this policy change. 

A comforting thing to have when investing in an expensive air rifle. 

FX Airgun Accuracy

FX Airguns do not leave the factory until they have been thoroughly tested.

FX Airguns provide superior accuracy (Using their Smooth Twist X barrel), dependable consistency efficient and extremely powerful. Inevitably, FX Airguns are known for outperforming their competition with ease.

These results show that FX command half of the top positions in the Extreme Benchrest Competition Pro Class. Let the results speak for themselves…

FX Airguns Accuracy

FX Airgun Summary

FX produce high end Air Rifles and airgun related products, they have built a successful following in both competition and hunting.

Highly flexible and adjustable Airguns have made FX extremely popular and their innovations have noticeably moved the Airgun industry forward.

You have to be pretty serious about your Airguns to invest in an FX, but if you do decide on an FX you will be own one of the leading Airguns in the world. 

FX Airguns Contact Details

FX Airguns | Västerängsvägen 10 | 542 35 Mariestad | Sweden

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