What is HFT?

HFT, or Hunter Field Target, is an air rifle shooting discipline.
It’s open to all sub 12ftlb air rifles and consists of 30 metal drop down targets placed in a hunting type environment; virtually all HFT clubs shoot outside to make use of natural woodland and fields.
HFT Targets

The targets are painted in bright colours to aid visibility, but can be placed in awkward positions so parts of them are obscured by grasses or twigs, just like in a hunting environment.

Each target has a “kill zone”, hitting this will knock the target down. The target can then be reset by pulling a string.
The sizes of the targets and sizes of the ‘killzones’ vary, and targets can be placed at distances of 8 yards to 45 yards in a UKAHFT spec competition.

A skilled HFT course setter will employ many tricks and tactics to fool you into thinking a target is closer of further away than it really is. This will cause you to aim in the incorrect place and miss the ‘killzone’.
There are many pitfalls you can fall foul of when learning to shoot well enough to pull in a decent score on a well setup HFT course….

This guide is courtesy of Brian Samson and is excellent instruction, the amount of detail and effort he has put into these articles will shave years off your development in shooting if you put in the time to read through each of the sections and put what he is teaching you into practice, you’ll be putting in respectable score in no time at all.

Click Part 1 of the HFT Guide Now and work your way through and don’t forget to come back and refresh every now and then….. Enjoy! 

Air Rifle Scope
Air Rifle Trigger Control
HFT Competition