Umarex is a German manufacturer of air guns (including Umarex air pistols), based in Arnsberg. In 1993 the Carl Walther firm was acquired by Umarex, who continued to manufacture under the Walther name in Ulm and Arnsberg.

Walther Airgun Range

The Walther airgun range is made up of both PCP’s (Pre Charged Pneumatics) and springers. Walther airguns can be used for Target Shooting or Hunting, they are easily capable of taking down small quarry. 

Walther Airguns
Walther Spingers

Walther Customer Support


 The Umarex website is large, the Walther products are built into the Umarex website. Other support information available includes:
Walther Air Rifle

Walther Warranty

  • Umarex imported through John Rothery, warranties sit with the individual dealer. You will need to consult the airgun dealer to establish what the warranty is.
Walther Air Rifles UK

Walther Dealers

Walther airguns are available from independant airgun dealers, availability of Walther airguns is not as good as some brands such as Air Arms or BSA built isn’t difficult to find a gun shop that sell them either. 

Walther LGU

Walther Contact Details

Umarex Austria
Prof. Dr. Anton Kathrein-Str. 3
6342 Niederndorf

Tel: +43 (0)53 73 / 6 11 10
Fax: +43 (0)53 73 / 6 11 10 50

Umarex Germany
Donnerfeld 2
59757 Arnsberg

Tel: +49 (0)29 32 / 638 01
Fax: +49 (0)29 32 / 638 222