Weihrauch company was founded in 1899 in Zella-Mehlis. Interestingly that’s the same small German town where several other famous Airgun manufacturers such as Walther and Anschütz also began. Weihrauch Air Rifles aren’t all that are produce from their factory in Germany.

Weihrauch UK

Weihrauch offers: Air rifles, air pistols, small bore rifles and recently blank handguns for selfdefense purposes – All of these are built with the quality thats comes with things engineered in Germany!

As well as a range of PCP’s (Pre Charged Pneumatics) they have a very good range of springers. 

Weihrauch being known for manufacturing some of the best and most successful springers currently available. 

Weihrauch Springer

On first look it can be quite daunting at the vast range of different models and stock variations, but once you learn your way around you’ll quickly notice that all the PCP airguns produced by Weihrauch are based around the same action. 

This action is tried, tested, over the years it has developed a reputation for being robust and well engineered. 

In terms of build quality, you’ve no need to concern yourself, Weihrauch deserves its reputation of high quality. 


Weihrauch Action

Weihrauch Air Rifles aren’t always first to make updates when trends change or new technology becomes available, but when they do make changes they get it so right. 

As well as successful Air Rifles and Air Pistols they have also produced a Silencer that has gone on to set the standard for all other Air Rifle Moderators.  

Weihrauch Silencer

Weihrauch Airgun Customer Support

Weihrauch has a multilingual website, it lists all their current product range with technical information available for each model. 

Weihrauch sells their guns through authorised dealers and importers, the distance between them as a manufacturer and the end customer is pretty obvious. That being said if you buy from a reputable gun dealer then you’ve no concerns as you’ll be backed up by the after sales service they offer.

Support and information on the Weirauch website is much less than other Airgun manufacturers. They provide: 

Weihrauch Dealer

Weirauch are imported by Hull Cartridge and are available from most independent gun dealers

A quick search shows the availability of Weihrauch Airguns in the UK. As you can see you don’t have to travel far to get your hands on a Weihrauch to test out.

Weihrauch Dealer Availability

Weihrauch Warranty

Weihrauch warranty is one year from the date of purchase, this is a lot less than other Air Rifle manufacturers are offering nowadays with most having moved to a much more healthy 3 year warranty.

Weihrauch are a bit behind the times here and this does reduce the level of protection that you as a customer receive. That being said, some UK gun dealers offer a much longer warranty than the standard 1 year given by Weihrauch, which I guess tells you a lot about the way Weihrauch Airguns are built…

Weihrauch Warranty

Weihrauch Accuracy

Weihrauch produce serious airguns in the middle to lower end of top priced Air Rifles and Air Pistols. 

They aren’t the guns winning the competitions but that doesn’t mean they are not accurate airguns. They produce some seriously accurate Air Rifles and this is backed up in the Weihrauch Air Rifle Reviews.

Weihrauch Contact Details

Postfach 20                                                              Industriestraße 13
97634 Mellrichstadt                                                97638 Mellrichstadt
Germany                                                                    Germany

e-mail:     info@weihrauch-sport.de
phone:     +49 (0)9776 8122-0
fax:           +49 (0)9776 8122-81


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